A    Preliminary Steps to Take

B.    Attributes for a new house
(divided into "essential" vs "nice to have")

C.    Lists of  Notifications  of  new address:
    1.    Relatives and Friends
    2.    Credit Cards, Banks, Periodic Bills
    3.    Memberships
        i.    Magazines
        ii.    Theaters
    4.    Other Businesses:
        i.    Brick & Mortar
        ii.    Web-Based
        iii.    Government

D.    New or Changed Services

E.    Possessions
    1.    Throw Away
    2.    Move Personally
    3.    Use Hired Movers
    4.    Buy New
    5.     List of Boxes

F.  Pictures
    1.  Theater Lights
    2.  Library from north-west corner
    3.  Library from south-east corner
    4.  Library: central aisle between paperback stacks
    = = = = =
     Pictures of the new house