Pictures of the 9228 Rockefeller House.

Group One: Outside:

    1.  New House Front  
    2.  New House Side with porch from kitchen and dining room  
    3.  New House back: doors from library plus 2nd porch from foyer  
    4.  New House back yard (1)  
    5.  New House back yard (2)  
    6.  New House down (looking down the street: house second on left)
    7.  New House up (looking up the street: house first on right - past red car)
  16.  New House spill-way  (neighbor's landscaping to channel runoff) during heavy rain

Group Two: Rooms:

    9.  Master Bedroom  
  10.  Study  
  11.  Kitchen  
  12.  Dining Room  
  13.  Living Room shelves  
  14.  Library  
  15.  Auxiliary Library  
  20.  Living Room Unpacked
  21.  Dining Room Unpacked.

Group Three: Garage:

    8.  New House Garage  (early staging)
  17.  Early cinderblock towers (one block shorter than final)
  18.  Empty pipe towers and shelves (top pipe one opening too low)
  19.  Lighting Instruments

Group Four:  Display Shelves

  22.  Dad's Toys 1  --  a precursor to Lincoln Logs
  23.  Dad's Toys 2  --  wind-up model train;  working steam engines
  24.  Dad's Games 1  --   Mahjong set (Grandmother's); Camelot; BLOX-O; Puzzle Peg
  25.  Dad's Games 2  --   push-button baseball; toy train engine, wind-up toy tractor; baseball card game
  26.  Cameras --  Kodak exposure plate; improv hand-held mount; Rolleicord; side-mount flash; Wurgin folding camera w/Wollensak Lens; data book; Voigtlander Vag folding camera; improv mount
  27.  Cannons  --  carbide-based "boom" cannons (and toy)
  28.  Heirlooms 1  --  newspapers (cased) Boston Gazette, Monday, March 12, 1770; Chattanooga Daily Revel, Sunday, June 28, 1863; New York Times 1870s reprints of major war-time front pages; some of Dad's patent papers; straight razors (one a promotion for "Tippacanoe"'s presidential run in 1840); Dad's compass sets; silver sugar tongs and a snuff box brought from England by Thomas Coleman in 1630; family genealogy, back to Thomas Coleman, published by grandfather's grandfather in 1867.
  29.  Heirlooms 2  --  a Dopey (Snow White dwarf) hand puppet porcelain head with sock body; Barney Google & Spark Plug; India jewel-headed pencil; button from W. E. Coleman's civil war uniform; Dad's PhD. watch, Purdue, 1947; gold cufflinks from grandfather to me; family letters, 1849, 1889, 1911.
  30.  Books 1  --  Norroena Anglo-Saxon Classics, volumns I through XIII, numbered #19 of 450, 1905
  31.  Books 2  --  Norroena Anglo-Saxon Classics, volumn XIV; Chemistry & Chemical Analysis, 1899; A System of Geometry and Trigonometry, 1809; A Narrative of the Indian Wars, 1803 reprint of 1677 original; Rafael in Italy, 1909; Poetical Works of Lord Byron, 1893; Manual of Mineralogy, 1851; Theron and Aspasio, 1755; The Christian Remembrancer, 1808; Boy's Own Book (Extended), 1853; A Guide to Prayer, 1738; Webster's Primary School Dictionary, 1857; Holy Bible, 1859; New Testament, 1866; The New England Primer (no cover) ca. 1850; Daily Food for Christians, 1873?; Dew-Drops, 1878,
  32.  Books of Wonder  --  promotional souvenirs: Harry Potter; Thursday Next; Near Witch; Lunar Chronicles; School of Good & Evil; The Marvels; Mortal Instruments.
  33.  Theater shelves  --  awards; souvenirs
  34.  Mementos
  35.  Knick Knacks
  36.  Puzzles
  37.  Animal Figurines
  38.  D&D Figurines 1
  39.  D&D Figurines 2
  40.  China Display
  41.  China Mugs
  42.  China Glasses
  43.  China Plates

Group Five:  Building the New Porch:

  44.  Old Porch on its way down
  45.  Legs and Platform Base
  46.  Verticals and Ridge Pole
  47.  Adding the Roof
  48.  Adding the Railings
  49.  Structure, night view
  50.  Structure, day view
  51.  Screened and Finished

Group Six:  Rockbed

  52.  Rockbed in my yard and neighbor's
  53.  My rockbed with pond during light rain
  54.  My rockbed with water rushing during downpour