1.    books
        i.    Meggie & Freddy to pack/unpack
        ii.    label boxes by category + first & last book

2.    furniture
        i.    waterbed (drain, disassemble)
        ii.    library bricks and boards
                a.    Meggie & Freddy to stack
        iii.    exercise machine(s)
        iv.    couch
        v.    desks  (disassemble)
        vi.    filing cabinets
        vii.    chairs
        viii.    tables
        ix.    metal shelves
        x.    light hanging pipes
        xi.    ladders

3.    clothes

4.    pictures

5.    existing boxes (need to be in tubs)
        i.    tools
        ii.    workshop supplies
        iii.    office supplies
        iv.    lighting accessories