0.    Glossary
    i.    "Required"  the house must have this attribute
    ii.    "Desirable"  houses that have this attribute are preferable to houses that don't
    iii.    "Necessary"  if the house does not come with this attribute, then I'll need to have it added prior to moving in

1.    Location
    i.    Required:  No homeowner's association
    ii.    Required:  dead end land or cul-de-sac
    iii.    Desirable:  no more than 35-45 minutes to/from work  (intersection of Sunrise Valley & Frying Pan)
    iv.    Desriable:  closer to downtown Alexandria; closer to friends

2.    Outside
    i.  Necessary:  well-insulated windows
    ii.  Necessary: maintenance free gutters

3.    General
    i.    Required:  non-smokers (severe allergy to tobacco)
    ii.    Necessary:  if attic, then pull-down stairs
    iii.    Necessary:  if basement, then flood prevention\control (e.g., high ground, sump pump, etc.)
    iv.    Desirable: built-in natural gas backup generator
    v.    Required:  adequate power (need to determine number of circuits + amperage)
    vi.    Desirable:  LAN throughout house
    vii.  Necessary: if previous pets, fleabomb before moving in
    viii.  Required:  gas heat
    ix.  Desirable:  gas hot water heater
    x.  Required:  central air
    xi.  Necessary:  electrostatic filters, humidifier/dehumidifier
    xii.  Desirable:  hardwood floors
    xiii:  Necessary: no rugs

4.    Rooms
    i.    Master bedroom
        a.    Required:  sturdy enough for waterbed
        b.    Required:  minimum 12' by 10'
        c.    Desirable:  14' by 13'
        d.    Required:  private bathroom with shower
        e.    Desirable:  walk-in closet

    ii.    Kitchen
        a.  Required: oven, stove
        b. Desirable:  gas oven
        c.  Desirable:  gas stove
        d.  Necessary:  microwave
        e.  Desirable:  dish washer
        f.  Desirable:  dual sink with disposal
        g.  Necessary:  fridge/freezer
        h.  Desirable: pantry
        i.  Desirable:  island

    iii.    Office
        a.  Required:  minimum 14' by 10'

    iv.    Library
        a.  20,000 books on double-sided stacks
        b.  longest shelves are 20', plus 3'-4' clearance
        c.  current room is 24' x 30', but it could be split into multiple rooms
        d.  Required:  must be flood-proof

    v.    Guest room
        a.  Desirable

    vii.    Second bathroom
        a.  Required:  full bathtub with shower

    viii.    Dining room
        a.  Required: minimum  17' x 10'

    ix.    Living room
        a.  Desirable

    x.    Garage
        a.  Required:  one car with minimum  of 20' by 11'
        b.  Desirable:  two car garage

    xi.    Utility Room
        a.  Required:  easily accessed circuit breaker panel
        b.  Necessary:  properly labeled circuit breaker panel
        c.  Necessary:  washer and dryer