1.    Financial
    i.    Find financial advisor
    ii.    Gather all dinancial documents
    iii.    Estimate other monthly expenses
    iv.    Determine acceptable maximum  mortgage monthly payment
    v.    Determine optimal down payment
    vi.    Calculate length of loan monthly-payment vs total cost tradeoff
    vii.    Decide on maximum of price range for house

2.   Loan
    i.    determine credit rating
    ii.    gather possible institutions
    iii.    compare rates, costs, and conditions
    iv.    select one

3.    Insurance
    i.    try to avoid mortgage insurance
    ii.    check State Farm for synergy savings
    iii.    list of special possessions
            a.    books (need detailed list with prices for specials)
            b.    lighting equipment
            c.    computers
            d.    cameras
            e.    stereo
            f.    furniture

4.    Other
    i.    find home inspector
    ii.    find real estate agent
    iii.    look into house buyer advocate
    iv.    consider a lawyer
    v.    design box labels (and print out)
    vi.    order boxes
    vii.    purchase tubs