These are songs written by our bard, Taizu, and by our bard wannabe, Tarva.  They're listed in chronological order.  Most of them are a recounting of some encounter or another; and a brief recap of - or at least a reference to - that encounter is provided here with each link.

Taizu and Tarva joined the group on  Wealsun 23, 586.  However, the group had been around for quite some time before then.  Ahb, Carrica, Lothar, Shadow, and Zephyr were the original members.  Regretably, both Shadow and Zephyr had died, but Ahb and Lothar still enjoyed relating various anecdotes (so long as they didn't involve rope bridges) about events that had happened prior to the time Tarva&Taizu (TnT) joined.  One event in particular struck both of them as being in need of memorializing, and independently, each wrote a song about it.  Both songs were performed on Reaping 1, 586, in a first-level bunkroom in Durgeddin's Stronghold, as the group spent the night to regain spells before venturing back down to take on the nasty sturges.

Taizu was first (well, he is a full bard; and Tarva, at the time, was 'just' a figher - albeit with a pretty voice) with his version of   Carrica's Lament.    After that came Tarva with her take on  Carrica's Viper.  

Even though they'd been traipsing around together - in Greyhawk and out adventuring - for nearly half a year, it took  having Tarva's wits scrambled (by having an Allip drain her wisdom), before Taizu was able to get it through her thick skull that on this world - unlike her native Albion - elves and humans did fall in love with each other, marry, have children, and so on.  Later, after her wisdom  was restored, Taizu was relieved to find that her earlier expressions of (unrequited, and to her mind unrequitable) love for him had not vanished as she regained her wits.  He then began the - rather long - process of convincing her that his loving her was not just a romantic gesture, but something both possible and real.  Eventually, in spite of her life-long association (or lack thereof) with a frightenly different kind of elves, he did convince her.  This is the song she wrote for him, to prove that, recalling the time When First We Met.   She sang it to him, as a surprise, during their gig at the inn at Blasingdell, on Goodmonth 19, 586.

On Harvester 23, 586, a missive for Carrica arrived from her father (carried by Rowan) instructing her to join the Knights of Luna.  This was the first the rest of us had heard anything about this: but apparently Carrica had been usefully spending her time with Ahb (and Ahb's group) while awaiting just this summons.  She wanted to leave immediately.   However, Ahb talked her into traveling with the rest of us on the trip to meet up with the Knights, because we were going that way also.  And Tarva immediately arranged for a going-away party for that very night.  Of course, TnT were a major part of the entertainment.  Tarva took the opportunity to introduce some new songs she'd written.  The main one, in honor of Carrica, relates the many times - twice before and twice after TnT joined the group - that an encounter had ended up with a Naked Carrica.   

During the party that evening, Tarva also sang, for the first time, two songs she had finished writing some while earlier, but never had the opportunity to sing for the group.  They both celebrated the way the group worked together during encounters; especially under the able leadership of Ahb.  The first was a skaldish recitation of the event wherein Ahb became a  Dragonslayer!   While the second related to Ahb's particular affinity for  Thorns!   The dragon encounter was in Durgeddon's Stronghold, on Goodmonth 6, 586.  The thorny situation occurred shortly thereafter, during our travel from Blasingdell to Marikest, on Harvester 3, 586.

On Sunsend 10, 586, the group had crossed the Lortmils pass and were in the town of Asperdi.  Along the way they had:  helped a Dwarf Clan suffering from a plague; recovered an alchemist's keep from were-rats (and helped Beldwyn purchase it and leave the group); discovered and destroyed a lair of giants who were raiding caravans; and taken out a young dragon who had been stealing sheep.  They'd also rescued some children from the giants and found relatives (or somebody) willing to take care of them.  And in much of this they'd been helped by Darred and Glendon: a pair of guards of one of the hijacked caravans who had escaped the giants but not from their lair.  After the two of them report on the caravan's fate to its owner (in Asperdi), they are dragged by Ahb back to the inn where TnT are gigging for the group's rooms.  Glendon and Darred had heard TnT's claims to be musicians (and indeed bards), and had seen (heard) them use musical spell-like effects to help the group.  But until now there had been no opportunity for TnT to truly perform.  And along with the rest of the audience, Darred and Glendon are blown away.  Both of the bards are having an exceptionally "up" night, and neither of the guards (nor the rest of the audience) has ever heard singing like Tarva's before.  In addition to their usual repertoire, Tarva has written another new song, this one about the group taking out the caravan raiders in  The Lair of the Giants Frost.