Definitions for Plynck

These files contain an up-to-date list of all the rules and reasonings that apply to Plynck; especially with regard to how that differs from the AD&D 3.0 sourcebooks.

0. Outline --  A Complete outline of all the material covered in these files.

1.  Introduction  --  Very vague, generic stuff; includes the most common (near-universal) creation myth.

2. World  --  Physical descriptions, plus a broad touch on how those drive politics between countries.

        Solar Orbit  --  A graphic showing Plynck's orbit around its sun, with the orbit divided into months.

3.  Rules  --  The heart of the matter.

4.  Characters -- Useful information, especially for starting out a new character

5.  Tables --  Plynck specific additional features.

6.  Magic Item Creation  --  Rules for the cost and creation time.

Most Recent Update:  March 20, 2023