Tarva Diaries

1.  Albion -- Backstory: Tarva as an orphan; growing up & learning skills; deciding to adventure

2.  Feyland  -- Tarva's first adventure with Her Reverence Gillian Woodridge; meeting relatives

3.  Heart's Reach -- Tarva's return to Albion to search for family; meeting Heart's Reach

4.  Bishop's World -- Tarva stumbles into another world; stays a while to help defeat traitors

5.  Greyhawk  -- Tarva is zapped into Greyhawk; tries to return to Feyland; meets Taizu

6.  Ahb  -- While hunting for Tarva's way home, Tarva and Taizu team up with Her Reverence Ahb

7.  Gate Space  --  Tarva + Heart's Reach + a wandering Gate cause the group to confront a Deity

8.  Taizu  -- Tarva and Taizu discover surprises about themselves while settling down in Greyhawk

9. Keraptas  --  Tarva and others are charged with recovering three important objects

10.  Sphinx  --  An ad-hoc group lifts the Curse from an ancient race of Sphinxes

11.  Chalychia  --  An ad-hoc group prevents the return of an old evil

12.  Celestial Caper  --  Celestials task Tarva and others to deal with a rogue evil Deity artifact

13.  Concert Hall  --  Tarva and Taizu build the superlative concert hall in Greyhawk