Commonly Used Acronyms

(square brackets, when used as envelopes -- [] -- are ignored for ordering)

2b2n  --  To Be <verb> ToNight

DWIM  --  Do What I Mean

FFF  --  Frank Friendly Food

GURPS  --  Generic Universal Role Playing System

IBTTM  --  I Bow To The Master

IMAA  --  I Miss Andrea Association

IMNA  --  I Miss Natalie Association

[IMC]  --  In My Calendar

MA  --  Mass Acknowledgement

[MML]  --  Mainstream Movie Logic

MoSF  --  Museum of Science Fiction

OBE --  Overtaken By Events

OBF --  Overtaken By Forgetfulness

OBNE --  Overtaken By Next Episode

OBP --  Overtaken By Phone

  --  Optical Character Recognition

PAD  --  Pronoun Antecedent Deficency

P.L.A.N. -- Preliminary Logical Analysis Needed

PWCTCWtGOaBaTCLGWTDA --  People Who Claim They Can't Wait to Get Off a Board and Then Can't Let Go When They Do Anonymous

RIDS  --  Rain-Impaired Driver Syndrome

[sg]    --     stupid gmail

[sv]    --     stupid verizon

[sw]    --     stupid work

[sy]    --     stupid yahoo

TANSTAAFL  --  There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

  --  Three Letter Acronym

[TVL]  --  TeleVision Logic