Grandmother:  Mrs. Fenner Norman Spivey (Aldonia Sophia Wheless) framed picture

Grandfather: Mr. Fenner Norman Spivey framed picture

A promotion card from when Grandfather was running (successfully) for sheriff.

A framed picture with Grandfather, as sheriff, with the County Court Clerk  (Franklin County, NC).  The picture is framed in old, fragile wood taken from Grandfather's family home.  The photograph itself is of a seated, hatless, Mr. Jim Boone, the Clerk fo the Franklin County Superior Court, and a hatted, standing Fenner Spivey Sr., the Sheriff of Franklin County, behind a long counter with thick, open ledgers.

A photograph of Aldonia & Fenner's six children, taken in their living room and grouped around a chair: with a seated Sophia holding Fenner Jr. (the youngest), sitting beside Francis.  Standing were Euola Gray, next to the chair, Virginia, and Wilson behind them.

A framed photograph of Bobby and Hid Welch, cousins.

High school photographic portrait of Francis Spivey

Sophia's daughter Mary Ann in her crib

Sophia's family

Cody family at Easter