<This will be expanded upon at some later time -- specificially after I know more about the characters.>

Faemila Dogaryn and Dramalric Quraariocem are Gnomes and half-brother / half-sister, having the same mother but different fathers. Mila is about twelve years younger than Alric.  While growing up, the two of them talked about going out and adventuring; and shortly after Mila turned tweny they decided to actually do that.  Together they left their home Gnomic community and traveled to the nearest sizeable cty, Elidir.

One early evening as the two of them were walking through streets (well, alleys) in the poorer part of town, they saw a woman with a goods cart being attacked by four or five hoodlums.  Considering this to be highly inappropriate, and almost without consulting each other, they interveined; with the immediate unfortunate result of having the hoodlums turn on them.  Things would have gone poorly, except that a female half-elf female fighter and a male human cleric arrived and started bashing heads.  The hoodlums ran (or limped) away, the four of them helped the woman put her cart to order, and then they retired to a nearby pub to toast their victory and learn more about each other.

Over each persons' favorite drink, the cleric introduced himself as Brother Young, and the figher said her name was Nellanora -- "call me 'Nell'."  Everyone gave their stories about how they had come to Elidir, Mila and Alric interrupting each other while telling theirs.  When they explained that this was intended to be just the first step in becoming adventurers, the other two expressed themselves as also being interested in such a venture.  Then and there the four of them decided to join together.