All play tables show:
       Last name of  ":editor"    (where in a single-script volume this is also the playwrite)
       First name of  "editor"
       Book = name of  "volume"    (where in a single-script volume this is also the play title)
       Last name of   playwrite
       First name of  playwrite
       Title of play
       Copy number  (when a scrip has multiple instances)
       Loaned To    (for tracking purposes)  (not implemented yet)

When a volume contains multiple scripts, each script is shown on a separate row, all with the same Volume and Editor, in addition to the Playwrite, Title, and (if relevant)  Copy.
When a volume is a collection of a single playwrite's work, then each row will also have the same Playwrite, in addition to the above.

Scripts in order of Script Title, then Playwright

Scripts in order of Playwright, then Script Title

Volumes in order of Book name, then Editor

Volumes in order of Editor, then Book name

ALSO, here is a list of Forthcoming books that I intend to purchase (plus a tailing list of books that were forthcoming at one time.

As the start of a new project -- a huge, not likely to finish soon project -- a project to catalog ALL my books -- here is a list of all my autographed books.  They might be autographed by the author, the authors, the illustrator, the publisher, or some combination.  Where possible, the copywrite date is given, along with the Edition and Printing of this volume.

A small partition of my books, all written by or about Lewis Carroll:  Lewis Carroll Books.

I have several of E. Nesbit's books for children in first editions.